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Septic System Installations


Design Specifications for Sewage Disposal SystemsIn the Yukon, when you plan to build a home on a property where there are no piped sewage services available, you must adhere to the regulations pursuant to thePublic Health and Safety Act in Yukon, Canada.Tana Contracting will walk you through the steps required to obtain a permit for the system. We will also design and install the system for you and provide you with the assurance that your system will meet the required regulations. Critical Factors to ConsiderThe frost goes very deep in the Yukon, making it necessary that your septic field is designed to combat these cold temperatures. The drainage area must not freeze. The type of system that is reliable is determined by a thorough analysis of the soil in the area of the proposed septic field or trench. The percolation rate of the soil and the number of bedrooms/bathrooms in the structure are also taken into consideration in planning your septic system.One of the worst things for our environment is a septic system that doesn't work properly. We don't want to be responsible for running our effluent into a nearby river or a neightbors well! Soil conditions, drainage rates and the type of septic field are important factors when it comes to the design of our septic systems. Be confident that your system will work properly.Tana Contracting is able to:1. Help you with the "permitting" procedure.2. Provide soil analysis of your proposed area bed.3. Design the system, submit the design to the regulators and complete the permitting process.4. Acquire all the materials necessary for installation and install the system.Resources and LinksPublic Health and Safety ActDesign Specifications for Sewage Disposal SystemsApplication for a permit to install a sewage disposal system