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9T6 Series - Proven Total System Cost Savings

The 9T6 Series is the largest, most powerful module you are going to find anywhere. Power output ranges from 390 to 420 watts per module.

The 9T6 Series module was released last year and immediately went into commercial and utility-scale installations. The results were what we predicted, dramatic cost savings:

As much as a 37% savings in module installation labor

Racking material savings between 5 and 15%

Racking installation labor between 10 and 12%

BOS savings

Total installation savings as much as $0.35/watt

These savings come from the simple fact that fewer modules are needed to produce the same power. This equates to fewer times you need to move, mount, bolt, ground and connect modules for your system. And, depending on your system design, you will likely see substantial savings in racking and BOS material and labor costs as well.

If you add this cost savings with the added benefits of working with a local, US supplier that specializes in durable, high quality modules and you've got everything you need to conquer your next installation.